MVVM Navigation with Xamarin.Forms Shell

One of the topics that I find a bit contentious amongst app developers is how navigation is handled, specifically when it comes to MVVM. Should navigation be done in the code behind of the page? or in the ViewModel? and should navigation be based on a path/URL or based on what ViewModel you want to … Read more

Using C#, XAML, Uno and MvvmCross to Jump Start Your Cross Platform Application

Rukesh has put together a great post, entitled Using C#, XAML + Uno Platform to Build One Codebase, Cross-Platform Apps, that provides a great walk through of getting started with the Uno Platform. It goes through grabbing the Uno extension for Visual Studio and then creating a new multi-platform application using just C# and XAML. … Read more

Content from Former Microsoft WPF and Silverlight Team Member

Someone pointed me in the direction of a series of great blog posts that have recently been migrated to a github repository. The posts are quite old, dating back to a period between 2005 and 2013 when Beatriz Stollnitz worked for Microsoft as part of the WPF and Silverlight teams. Here are the links to … Read more

Using the UWP SplitView on iOS, Android and WebAssembly with Uno

In this post we’re going to cover one of the basics of app navigation which is the use of the UWP SplitView. If you’re coming from iOS and Android development you might be thinking “huh, I don’t even know what that is.” Well the good news is that it’s actually something you’re already familiar with. … Read more