Do Uno Mvvm?


Last week was a huge week for the Uno platform with their inaugural Uno conference, #UnoConf. As the technology continues to mature, I’ve no doubt that Uno will become a viable solution for building applications to target all sorts of markets. This includes support being progressively added by the various Mvvm frameworks. Following my previous … Read more

Creating a Flutter App for Web

I’ve covered this topic previously in my post Create, Build and Publish a Flutter Web App but things have changed a little now as web support has been merged, making it easier to build a single application that runs on iOS, Android and Web. To find out more you can check out the Flutter docs … Read more

Flutter: Text Widget

In this post we’re going to look at the Text widget in Flutter and some of the options you can tweak when displaying text within your app. If you’re after a more detailed discussion of strings, characters and how they’re displayed, you should check out the post, Mastering Styled Text in Flutter. To get into … Read more