Nokia Windows Phone Competition

I just realised that I haven’t posted for a while on this blog. I have however been posting across at both Visual Studio Magazine (Mobile Corner) and on BuildMobile (Windows Phone). A full list of postings and books is available here


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The core purpose of this post is to let you know, or remind you, that we’re currently running a competition where you can win a Nokia Windows Phone by answering a question and tweeting a link. The full details and conditions for entry are outlined in the post, Win a Nokia Windows Phone. So far we’re posted four questions, with more to come. Don’t worry if you haven’t answered any so far, you can go back and answer the existing questions as entries will stay open until the competition closes.

Question 1: List a navigation API and provide a short example of how you might use it within your application?

Question 2: Other than the controls that ship with the Windows Phone SDK, what controls do you use in your application, and how do they make your application rock?

Question 3: Discuss one feature, or design, of an application you’ve worked on (doesn’t have to be published) that makes it distinctly Windows Phone?

Question 4: List an API (or a set of APIs) that allow developers to build Windows Phone applications that integrate with either device hardware or into the core platform (e.g. integration into one of the hubs)?

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