Windows Phone 7 Application Acceleration

Welcome to 2011 for all you Windows Phone 7 application developers! This year is set to be a massive year for you as there are already two competitions up and running:

Windows Phone 7 App Challenge

LG App Starter Competition

Now, to give you even more Microsoft have invited me to help run three Windows Phone 7 application acceleration events. This time around we’re hitting Sydney, Melbourne and Perth with a two day event that will give you the skills (training on day 1) and advice (application workshop on day 2) in order to build your first (or second, third….) Windows Phone 7 application and get it into Marketplace.

Day 1: Windows Phone 7 Developer Training
Session 1: Introduction and Windows Phone User Experience Overview
Session 2: Animation, Orientation and Overlays
Session 3: Application Lifecycle, Navigation, Application Tiles and Notification
Session 4: Tasks and Touch
Session 5: Working with the Accelerometer, Sounds and Location
Session 6: Connecting and Consuming the Web

Day 2: Windows Phone 7 Application Workshop
Phase 1: Present your application – 5 minute elevator pitch* with or without demo.
Phase 2: Workshop/Develop your application
Tips & Tricks: As many little bits and pieces Nick can cram into an hour
Phase 3: Continue working on your application
Phase 4: Round up – summarize what you got done and what still needs to be done to get your application into Marketplace**.

Day 1 is designed to equip you with the fundamentals of building a Windows Phone 7 application. With these new found skills, Day 2 is designed to jump start your application development process. Whether you’re just starting your first application, wanting some assistance getting your application ready for Marketplace submission or help troubleshooting some issues, the application workshop is where you should be. During the day I’ll spend time reviewing your application, suggesting areas for improvement and help you resolve any challenges you might have encountered.

* This isn’t a traditional presentation – I will spend a few minutes with you going through your application idea. 0 stress! Just walk through what the idea entails, what you think will make it a rockin’ app and perhaps the areas that you think you’ll need/want some help with.

** For applications ready to submit to Marketplace there are a number of Marketplace tokens available.

Sydney (registration) – 24/25th January 2011
Perth (registration) – 27/28th January 2011
Melbourne (registration) – 31st January/1st February 2011

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