Late Notice: Windows Mobile Jumpstart #2

Jumpstart #2:

Getting started developing for Windows Mobile 6.5: developer tools, technologies, debugging and testing
Learn how to get started developing for Windows Mobile 6.5, what can be done with the new technologies and how to use your existing skills to start coding apps for Windows Mobile 6.5 phones via Windows Marketplace.
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Date/Time: Friday, July 17 (today!!), 2009 1:00 PM Australia (East)


And so that you’re ready for the next session:

Jumpstart #3

Widgets: the new internet application
Get insight into the Widgets platform for Windows Mobile 6.5 and discover how to develop powerful Widgets that leverage today’s web experience in a new way.
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Date/Time: Friday, 31 July 2009 12:30 PM Australia (East)

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