Windows Mobile Metro Training and Mobile Monday at Geek Terminal

Today was the first day of the Windows Mobile Metro training in Singapore.  After flying up last night it was great to see a room full of people in building applications for the Windows Mobile platform.  With the news around Windows Mobile 6.5 hot off the press there is an increasing about of interest around Widgets and what other features there may be in the pipeline.  There is also interest gathering around Windows Marketplace for Mobile and the opportunities to commercialise investments made in building mobile applications.

As we were wrapping up for the day one of the attendees pointed out that Mobile Monday was on and that the topic was on Location Based Services.  This was particularly topical for the class as there are a number of participants who have an interest in using location services in one form or another. 

The following sign says it all – yes, this is where Mobile Monday happens here in Singapore.


Entry was policed by this scanner – apparently I should have registered in order to be sent a 2D tag (similar in ways to Microsoft Tag) that I could get scanned at the door.  Honestly, what’s wrong with me dropping my business card into a bowl to gain entry? 


The evening’s sessions were quite interesting with the main session being delivered by Y J Baik from Skyhook Wireless.

image image

This was followed by a panel discussion between a couple of local Location Based Service companies. 


All in all a great way to finish day one.

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