Perth kthxbye, hai Sydney

Agrh, damn you LOLCODE – whilst I’m definitely no convert I thought this a fitting title for this post where I am revealing that I’m packing up and moving (again).  This time the destination is Sydney for an indefinite period!

So, why the move? Well essentially it comes down to work – Intilecta is going in leaps and bounds, with the second version of our product now complete.  Where we now go with the product is up for discussion and there has been a lot of talk about us doing a mobile version of the product – something I have been prototyping for a few months now.  The hope is that with me based in Sydney we can seize some important opportunities to expand in this space, capitalising on the hard work that has already gone into the core product.

Am I sad to be leaving Perth – absolutely!  With everything that is currently going on Perth is definitely an awesome place to live at the moment.  With Al and Mitch driving the user group, the weekly coffee and of course Silicon Beach House I have been really enjoying being part of such a vibrant industry.  That said, Sydney brings with it a host of new opportunities and it means that I can catch up with everyone I missed seeing at this year’s TechEd.  I will always call Perth home and hope to return frequently to visit family and friends.

The next question is when am I leaving?  The move is happening very soon and although a firm date hasn’t been set, it will most likely be the weekend of the 8/9th September (yes, it’s not very far away indeed).  I will however be back in town for the week between the 27th Sept and the 9th Oct. This timing works particularly well as it means I get to attend the September user group meeting, where Nick Wienholt will be presenting his session on Real World Code Generation, and it means I’m back in Perth for the October meeting – you never know, they might even get me to present as a “guess from the East” 😉

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