Visual Studio 2008 Customer Experience Improvement Program gets a Face Lift

The first time you open Visual Studio 2008 (update: or 2005) you will notice that an icon appears in the taskbar:


Clicking this icon opens up the invitation to join the Customer Experience Improvement Program.  I the past this dialog has been fairly wordy describing what the program is about.  As you can see from the following dialog it now clearly indicates what information Microsoft will collect and what information will never be collected:

I must admit that I normally decline to participate in the improvement program for applications that are RTM.  However with beta products I always say Yes as I figure the more information I provide Microsoft about how I use Visual Studio the better they can make the product. Funnily enough, if you do decide to change your mind you can always bring this same screen up again by following the instructions and selecting Customer Feedback Options from the Help menu.

Update: This is the same dialog that appears in [VS2005] – not sure why but when I saw it under Orcas I thought it had been refreshed…..oh well.

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