Going Keyboard-less with the HTC Touch

On my way home I had a transit stop in Singapore airport which is a dangerous place if you haven’t slept much for a week and you spot a cool piece of technology.  Earlier this week I had the opportunity to play with the iPhone and whilst I was impressed with the overall look and feel (due credit must be given to Apple for again hitting the spot in that regard) I still can’t get enthused about a device you can’t build applications for, change the battery or even the SIM card. The HTC Touch on the other hand is a device that simply has to be admired.  Despite Microsoft making it hard for device manufacturers to compete against the Apple iPhone (after all lets face it whilst the Windows Mobile 6 UI upgrades were a pleasant relief, they don’t go anywhere near far enough) HTC have really stepped up the game in the Windows Mobile arena.  Here’s just a few of the shots I took whilst unboxing:

  box topbox diagonal

First impressions of the box are that HTC have again done a great job when it comes to the user experience.

boxesopening the box

The story gets even better inside the box

headphonesmicro sd card

A close up of the device packaging

inside the boxwhats in the box

Now lets see what’s really in the box

     front viewback shot

The device, back and front

inside the back cover

Getting the back plate off is a bit clumsy but easy enough

card slots

The SIM card and MicroSD card slots are hidden by a silver side beam (unfortunately not very clear in this picture)

camera and mic

The camera is only 2M but takes an adequate shot for most cases

    side shot - baseside shot - cameraside shot - topside shot - volume (2)

Various side shots showing the different aspects of the device.

home screen

The HTC Home screen looks great!


There is even support within Pocket PC Controller.

More to come on functionality and the usability side of the HTC Touch…..

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