Switching AI Models with ChatGPT in a Windows and Uno Platform Application

In my previous post I walked through how to connect to ChatGPT in order to integrate AI into a multi-platform (Windows App SDK and the Uno Platform) based application. In this post we’re going to add the ability to switch which AI model (GPT 3, 4 etc) is used when connecting to ChatGPT. We’ll also cover … Read more

Configuration for Windows and Uno Platform Applications

Following on from Dependency Injection and Logging, in this post we’re going to configure the IHostBuilder to load and access configuration information within a Windows or Uno Platform application. We’ll pick up where we left off with the IHostBuilder setup to switch environments and configure logging. var builder = this.CreateBuilder(args) .Configure(host => host #if DEBUG … Read more

Getting Started with WinGet Configuration

Recently, Microsoft announced the availability of DevHome with the goal of becoming the one stop shop for all things developer. Two important concepts that are available in the first iteration is DevDrive and WinGet Configuration. Both DevDrive and WinGet Configuration are actually features of Windows, the aim of DevHome is to provide a convenient way … Read more