Using IntelliTest in a .NET Standard Library

Today I was reviewing some of the test cases we have for BuildIt.General – these are a bit dated now as they were created with MSTest using IntelliTest. Recently we’ve updated the BuildIt libraries to target .NET Standard and to support multi-targetting. Unfortunately, whilst the test cases continue to run, I was unable to run IntelliTest in order to add test cases for some of the new features we’ve added recently. As this Stack Overflow question confirms, IntelliTest is only supported on .NET Framework class libraries. What’s worse is that IntelliTest is only supported on old style csproj projects.

In order to get IntelliTest to work for BuildIt.General I created a new .NET Framework class library, BuildIt.General.FullFramework.csproj, which I placed into the same folder as BuildIt.General.Tests (putting it into the BuildIt.General folder causes all manner of weirdness due to different csproj formats not playing nicely together).


For each file in BuildIt.General that I wanted to use IntelliTest to generate test cases I added the file as a link to the BuildIt.General.FullFramework project. IntelliTest can be run by right-clicking within the method to be tested, selecting IntelliTest –> Run IntelliTest.


The IntelliTest output is shown in the IntelliTest Exploration Results window, from which each test can be saved.


More information on IntelliTest can be found on the docs website.

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