IT Book of the Year: Professional Visual Studio 2010

According to this website (  the title Professional Visual Studio 2010, of which I was one of the co-authors, is the IT book of the year! Get your copy today at Amazon.


Translation (thanks to Bing Translator):

This year the winner’s responsibility to Palm this full-bodied volume from Wrox that manages to cover a multitude of topics all linked somehow to Visual Studio. Represents a kind of encyclopedia, and manages to provide a sufficiently thorough discussion on everything related to the development in .NET. It’s quite similar to the book of Troelsen, only that here the discourse is always brought forward by using the Visual Studio development environment 2010, with many images and a language more accessible. Much appreciated the gutter, flexible the right, and the excellent pagination, which follows the new style of publishing house.

Translation (thanks to Google Translate):

This year the prize winner is up to this full-bodied of the Wrox book that manages to cover an endless range of subjects all connected in some way to Visual Studio. It represents a sort of encyclopedia, and can provide a sufficiently detailed discussion on everything related to development. NET. And ‘quite similar to the Troelsen book, except that here the speech is always carried out using Visual Studio 2010 development environment, with lots of pictures and a more accessible language. Much appreciated binding, flexible right, and the excellent layout, which follows the new style of the publisher.

As a side comment I think the Google translation is much more accurate. If you speak Italian, perhaps you could leave a comment with a better translation.

Also don’t forget:

– You can get the other book I wrote last year, Professional Windows Phone 7 Development, from Amazon, and see the full list of books I’ve worked on on the Built to Roam website

– There are two competitions running for Australian developers who feel like building a Windows Phone 7 application. Checkout my post Competition time for Australian Windows Phone 7 Developersfor the full details.

– If you’re going to enter round 1 of the LG App Starter competition you have until 6pm (EST) this Sunday to send through your app ideas.

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