Windows Phone Hacked Emulator Not Working With Notification Services

For the last week I’ve been trying to work out why my sample application for the Windows Phone Notification API had stopped working. And yes, before everyone chimes in with “have you set the publisher” and “have you updated the capabilities list” I’d already done all that and had fully working samples showing tile, toast and raw notifications. About a week ago all these samples stopped working. Thinking I must have done something wrong I tried all the available samples on the web that I could find. None of them worked either – the symptom is that you never get a Channel Uri back, if you locate and existing channel it’s uri is always null.

The fix was….. switch back to the official emulator image. That’s right, I’d been using the hacked emulator ROM image (the one that was released based on the April emulator). Turns out there must be something screwy going on because the notification services seem to have stopped playing nice with it. I switched back to the official emulator image and everything works again. Ho Hum… I wonder if that was intentional by Microsoft, or just a result of them tightening security around the notification services.

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