Visual Studio 2008 Usability Video

Following my previous post on Expression Blend where I was whining about poor usability I took the opportunity to check out Daniel Moth’s video on Visual Studio 2008 Aesthetics and Usability.  Although there is nothing earth shattering about the video it does illustrate the the VS team is listening to common developer pain points:

  • Vista UAC compatibility
    • No startup prompt
    • Prompt when Administrative privileges are required
    • (Administrator) added to VS title bar when running as Administrator
  • Vista UI
    • Standard Vista dialogs (ie open file)
    • Ctrl-tab – previews of files
    • Rounded corners on selected items
  • General Usability
    • Open folder short cut on solution explorer
    • Add new dialog – sorted alphabetically
    • Sorting/Optimising “using” statements
    • Restart Manager aware – will restart to same state (including cursor position!)

Check out the video across on Channel 9

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