SQL Code Camp (NZ) – Audio now live!

Anyone who was interested in hearing the recorded sessions from SQL Code Camp can access the sessions from the following list.  These recordings have been recorded by myself as the host of The Microsoft Devloper Show and are hosted by The Podcast Network.  If you want to access these recordings via a feed, please head over to The Microsoft Developer Show (NB: The recordings are being spaced so that listeners who have their applications set to “only download latest” will get all the sessions).

Keynote :: DataDude – Team System for DB Pro’s
Adam Cogan & Greg Low

Going Mobile with SQL Server Compact Edition
Nick Randolph

SQL 2005 on Steriods – 64 Bit Readiness
Rob Hawthorne

Designing a High Availability Solution for SQL Server 2005
Victor Isakov

From Data Transformation Services to SQL Server Integration Services
Pat Martin

Advanced Indexing Strategies
Adam Cogan

A Methodology for Troubleshooting and Tuning SQL Server
Victor Isakov

Avoiding Stored Procedure Recompiles
Greg Low

Developing for SQL Server 2005
Jeremy Boyd

SQL Error Handling
Greg Low

Forum Discussion : Data 2.0 – The future of relational databases in an OO world

Andrew Tokely

15 Tips for Better Reporting Services
Adam Cogan

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